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Biochemist / Assay Development Scientist

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Biochemist / Assay Development Scientist

Our client is aprivately held drug discovery company based in Basel and islooking for a highly motivated and skilled

Biochemist / Assay Development Scientist

to join the growing team. This is an exciting opportunity to become an integral part of an innovative and dynamic start-up company. The company focuses on drugging key molecular targets involved in DNA Replication Stress, which constitutes an exciting and innovative approach in the development of novel anticancer drugs.

KEY RESPONSIBILITIES of this role include, but are not limited to:

*             Expression and purification of recombinant proteins

*             Develop and perform a diverse set of biochemical assays, in particular enzymatic (e.g. enzyme activity and kinetics) and substrate binding assays

*             Design biophysics-grade protein constructs and pilot / contribute to the optimization of purification protocols

*             Screen small molecule ligands on purified protein in microplate-based assay formats to drive the understanding of SAR relationships using manual and automated systems

*             Crystallize or work in close collaboration with crystallographers to crystallize protein-ligand complexes in support of structure-aided drug development

*             Organize experimental results to be shared with project teams; maintain clear experimental records using ELN (electronic lab notebook)


*             Recent PhD degree in Biochemistry or similar

*             1-2 years of relevant experience in industry would be a strong plus

*             Profound experience and hands-on expertise in biochemical assays, enzyme kinetics and substrate binding assays

*             Experience in recombinant protein production using different expression systems, including construct design and optimization

*             Experience in using biophysical assays (SPR, ITC, DSF, etc.) for probing protein-ligand interactions

*             Expertise in X-ray protein crystallography would be an asset

*             First author publication in a relevant journal is required

*             Flexible, proactive, efficient, and able to work independently with a problem-solving attitude

*             Strong team player, high-energy and positive personality

*             Fluent in written and spoken English

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