• Consider environmental, economic and sociopolitical aspects
  • Plan and build construction works
  • Clarify clients' needs
  • Create cost calculations
  • Collaborate with construction and specialist engineers
  • Carry out a feasability study
  • Lead the execution of the construction work
  • Obtain building permits
  • Create proposals
  • Clarify building regulations
  • Appreciate responsibility towards environment and society
  • Organise construction works

Current jobs for Architect

Architektin oder Architekt

Schär Buri Architekten AG
  • BERN

Architecte (H/F)

Bassi Carella Marello Architectes SA
  • Genève
  • Vésenaz
2 days ago
  • Fribourg
3 days ago

Architecte / Architekt

Pierre Liechti Architectes SA
  • Bienne
3 days ago