• Carry responsibility for cost accounting
  • Participate in price setting and contract conclusion
  • Carry responsibility for change management and post calculations
  • Analyse offers in terms of opportunities and risks
  • Calculate costs for renovation and rebuild projects or for new constructions
  • Accompany projects until billing phase

Current jobs for Construction cost planner

  • Stein AG
  • Executive position
5 days ago
  • Grossraum Zürich
  • Executive position
16 days ago
  • Zürich / Frauenfeld
23 days ago

Kalkulator/in Bauunternehmung

ERNE AG Bauunternehmung
  • Laufenburg AG
24 days ago

Baukostenplaner / Kalkulator Neubau und Renovation

Engineering Management Selection E.M.S. AG
  • Grossraum Zürich + Ostschweiz
  • Executive position
31 days ago